Why Paradee Hotels?

Brainstorming with Mask

Lower Cost

Our service could help the hotel to save the cost, we have the experienced person either in Revenue Management and E-Commerce Management to work on behalf of hotel. There is no need to pay any extra cost such as Social Security or Provident Fund for us, so you can save the labor cost but has ability to work in full capacity.

More revenue

Not only saving the labor cost but how to increase the revenue is also important. We help the hotel to analyze market and competitor, set up the plan and strategy. That activities help the hotel to reach their market and convert looker to be customer. The aim is to increase revenue and growth.

Discussing the Numbers

Strong Experience

We have the history of Revenue Management in an effort to illustrate a successful E-Commerce model of dynamic, automated sales. Methods for controlling the sale of inventory are then introduced along with related techniques for optimization and forecasting. We are looking at how revenue management is practiced outside of the hotel industry, its relationship to dynamic pricing, and future directions.

Our Services


Hotel operation management

We manage the hotel on behalf of the owner/invester.


Sales & Marketing management

We manage Sales & Marketing Department for the hotel.


Revenue managment

(online distribution)

We manage Online Distribution and set Yield Strategy for the hotel.


Loyalty Program

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